«Everyday leadership» Symbal Communication Sweden 2020

Building strong people trought business.  

Working with Karete is always a fascinating process.  Karete thinks around problems and then comes up with creative ideas that are out of the box and yet, ultimately very doable.  She has a lot of knowledge, experience and competence, which in turn delivered a workshop approach which was very practical and easy for us to use.  I appreciate her view on people and her values very much fit to the values we have as a company, so there was never a clash in terms of approach. All her work with us was based on tried and tested ideas and standpoints but she delivered it all in a fresh wrapping that took the most cynical among us along on our development journey. We created our workshop together, online, it worked beautifully and I would recommend that as a way to move forward with your cultural development, even in these complex times.

Sara Ahlberg
Head of Symbal Sweden.

The purpose was to build a more brave, courageous, open and effective organization with people who are able to lead themselves in a complex world. People who interact well with their colleagues and who deliver high quality and are on time in their deliveries. An organization that change work practices when needed, so that processes do not slow down, but together find new smarter ways of working together.